Lunatic Astronomical

“L.Y.S.” hand control for Seletek


“Lunatico Your Self” product

L.Y.S. products, Lunático Your Self, products are not suitable for immediate use. They include all the necessary components and require customer assembly.


All the needed parts and components to complete the practical manual control to move the main Seletek controllers(*) motor.

To make it more useful incorporates a potentiometer to set the speed of the motor.

The manual control is composed of the following items:

This will be the final result once mounted.
  • Box
  • 10 or 100K Ohm potentiometer
  • Small joystick
  • 1.5 m. long wire
  • DB-9 with case:
    • female for Seletek/Armadillo/Platypus,
    • male for Tarsier/Armadillo2/Platypus2
  • Nylon cable tie


If you prefer to receive the remote control ready to use, click here.


(*) Check the label on your controller to determine the model to select.

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Controller model

Seletek original, Armadillo, Platypus, Tarsier/Armadillo 2/Platypus 2/Limpet