Seletek TARSIER focuser kit


TARSIER, the most advanced autonomous motorized focusing system in the market!

The Seletek Tarsier autonomous focuser with temperature compensated focusing comes ready to use with the following components

  • The Seletek Tarsier controller (standard power jack, positive inside)
  • Stepper motor (3600 steps/turn)
  • Cylinder shaft coupling to the axis of the focuser
  • Coupling plate for your focuser
  • Stepper motor connection cable with external temperature sensor

Why is an external controller like the Armadillo, Platypus, Tarsier or Limpet better than an “all in one” (focuser with embedded motor and cables)?

The Seletek Tarsier autonomous focuser with temperature compensated focusing. Composed of:

(1) Select your focuser model focuser according to the images shown here. In case of doubt, please contact us.

Technical specifications:

  • 12 V cc operation -standard power jack, positive inside- (*)
  • 8×2 character LCD, with backlight in red color
  • DB9 plug for stepper motors (such as our own, time-proven 3600 steps/turn motor, or others from Robofocus, Moonlite, Lakeside, Feathertouch…)
  • Mono audio jack for DC motors (such as Orion’s, Rigel systems…)
  • Size: 144*95mm

(*) If you want the power supply cable for car lighter plug, please click here.




Focuser model

Baader Steeltrack (Old model), Baader Steeltrack Diamond, Celestron C-11, Celestron C-6, C-8 & C-9.25, FeatherTouch (Crayford style), FeatherTouch (R&P style), GSO (Basic Crayford), Long Perng & others, Meade 127, Monorail 2" & 3", R&P Heavy duty, SkyWatcher – White Crayford, SkyWatcher Black Diamond, SkyWatcher Esprit, SkyWatcher Vixen R&P, Takahashi FS 60, Takahashi FSQ 106 & others 4", Takahashi FSQ 85, Takahashi Sky 90, Takahashi TSA 102 & others 2,7", Tecnosky cilíndrico, Tecnosky plano, UNC, Vixen R&P (R200SS, Visac, A80MF.. ) Actual, Vixen R&P (R200SS, Visac, A80MF… ) Modelo antiguo, William Optics Crayford básico, William Optics Rotolock