ZeroDew band for binoculars


Zero Dew is the Lunaticastronomical dew heather control system, with controller and dew heater bands.

The bands are an original Lunatico design, very easy to install, to avoid condensation. They are RoHS compliant.

And now also for binoculars.

  • Band length:
        • 50mm binoculars: 16 Ohm, 0,74A, 9W and 19 cm each band
        • 60mm binoculars: 16 Ohm, 0,74A, 9W and 19 cm each band
        • 80mm binoculars: 8,75 Ohm, 1,36A, 16,4W and 32 cm each band
        • 100/110mm binoculars: 7 Ohm, 1,72A, 20,6W and 41 cm each band
  • 2 version available:
      • With RC connector (original version)
      • With USB connector (no controller needed)
  • Cable length: 1 m.
  • They are made with a flexible printed circuit and SMD resistors.
  • Isolated in the outer side with two layers, one of them in a special formula above the resistances system, and the other in a thick cloth in order to prevent heat loss.
  • The wire output is perpendicular to the layer for easier anchorage.
  • They are fixed with “velcro”; and an elastic band with a locking latch.
  • With an inner reinforcement for longer life.
  • Hand-finished.
  • Available in several sizes (Looking for other measure? Contact us at


ZeroDew Anti-humidity System Documentation:


ZD band connector

RCA version, USB version

ZD band length

50mm. binocular, 60mm. binocular, 80mm. binocular, 100/110mm. binocular