Plate and cylinder for focusers


To complement the Seletek controllers, Lunático offers this plate and cylinder to adapt the stepper motor to your scope.

(*) Select your focuser model focuser according to the images shown here. In case of doubt, please contact us.

Customized assembly part for Celestron

• Assembling Instructions of Seletek: Generic model
Assembling Instructions of Seletek: Baader Diamond Steeltrack (BDS)
Assembling Instructions of Seletek: Takahashi models
• Assembling Instructions of Seletek: GSO basic model
Assembling Instructions of Seletek: GSO basic model (improved plate!)
Assembling Instructions of Seletek: GSO Monorail 2″ & 3″


Focuser model

Baader Steeltrack (Old model), Baader Steeltrack Diamond, Celestron C-11, Celestron C-6, C-8 & C-9.25, FeatherTouch (Crayford style), FeatherTouch (R&P style), GSO (Basic Crayford), Long Perng & others, Meade 127, Monorail 2" & 3", R&P Heavy duty, SkyWatcher – White Crayford, SkyWatcher Black Diamond, SkyWatcher Esprit, SkyWatcher Vixen R&P, Takahashi FS 60, Takahashi FSQ 106 & others 4", Takahashi FSQ 85, Takahashi Sky 90, Takahashi TSA 102 & others 2,7", Tecnosky cilíndrico, Tecnosky plano, UNC, Vixen R&P (R200SS, Visac, A80MF.. ) Actual, Vixen R&P (R200SS, Visac, A80MF… ) Modelo antiguo, William Optics Crayford básico, William Optics Rotolock

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