Lunatic Astronomical

Telescope pier strap set


Set of 3 elastic straps to organize the cables in the Telescope pier.

  • Valid for piers from 145 to 160mm. diameter
  • Total length: 58mm – Other measures available, please contact us
  • Velcro and elastic fastening with grip tab
  • 3 units included
Versión Cinta ZD

Versión RCA, Versión USB

Longitud cinta ZD

Buscador 50mm., Buscador 80mm., EZG-60/Ocular 2", Telescopio 80mm., Telescopio 100/110mm., Telescopio 120/125mm., Telescopio 6", Telescopio 7"/8", Telescopio 9"/10", Telescopio 11"/12", Telescopio 14", Telescopio 16"

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