CloudWatcher Solo


The “Solo”, designed by Lunático to make the most of the AAG CloudWatcher.

CloudWatcher “Solo”, designed by Lunático to make the most of the CloudWatcher. It is a tiny computer customized to control your CloudWatcher 7 days 24 hours, with the following highlights:

  • very low power requirements, less than 2W, ideal for remote observatories
  • integrated web server, so you can check your observatory’s weather from any part of the world
  • constant monitoring implies longer life for the CloudWatcher
  • takes power from your current CloudWatcher power supply

IMPORTANT: The “Solo” must be installed, indoors, it is not designed to withstand the harsh conditions the CloudWatcher does.

If you want to take a look at our SOLO installed in Hamilton, New Zealand, click here:

The information read from the CloudWatcher is available to any computer in the same network, so you can use your current Windows software, in “Remote” mode, and keep the integration with your current session control software / automation – in some cases, you can even uninstall the Windows software, as the “single line data” file is also published – suitable for CCDAP, CCDCommander, our ASCOM safety monitor driver and also Chris Rowland’s ASCOM observing conditions driver.

The SOLO allows you to install an Android widget that will give you the sky conditions at a glance on your mobile phone!

As the “Solo” has its own serial port and publishes information in the local network, you’ll get rid of any USB/Serial devices and drivers issues.

Mobile showing the SOLO data



Device Specs:

  • Dimensions: 85mm x 125mm x 56mm
  • Made of ABS



DIN Rail Mounting Clip

With DIN Rail Mounting Clip, Without DIN Rail Mounting Clip

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