Lunatic Astronomical

Mount adapter for telescope pier


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Aluminum adapter for the Lunatico’s telescope pier, or others telescope piers in the market.

Technical specifications:

  • customized aluminum adapter
  • with cylindrical dovetail to attach to the common column
  • rotatable – no North nor South alignment problem
  • specific for every mount. Currently available:
      • Celestron CG4, CG5, CGEM,
      • SW EQ6, AZEQ6, EQ5, HEQ5, CG5,
      • Orion EQG Sirius
      • Vixen SxP, SX, GP, GP-DX, Atlux
      • … and any other if you are willing to measure it – For other mounts, please contact us at





Celestron CG4, Celestron CG5, Celestron CGEM, Orion EQG Sirius, Other (please contact us to indicate the measures), Skywatcher EQ6, AZEQ6, EQ5, HEQ5, Vixen SxP, SX, GP, GP-Dx, Atlux

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