Hydreon RG-9 Rain Sensor adapted for CW


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Lunatico introduces the prestigious Hydreon RG-9 Rain sensor.

Available in two versions and composed of the following items:

(1) This rain sensor requires a specific CloudWatcher version, on sale here.
  • Manufacturer standard version
        • Hydreon RG-9 Rain sensor


The Hydreon RG-9  Solid State Rain Sensor is a rainfall sensing device intended to detect and communicate when a pre-selected rain intensity has been reached or exceeded. The RG-9 is rugged, reliable, and maintenance-free.

CloudWatcher with anemometer and Hydreon rain sensor setup.

The RG-9 uses beams of infrared light within a plastic lens about the size of a tennis ball. The round surface of the lens discourages the collection of debris, and the RG-9 has no moving parts to stick, and no water-pathways to clog. The device features an open-collector output that indicates when the selected rain intensity has been reached.

The sensitivity levels are:

      • Rain Drops,
      • Very Light,
      • Medium,
      • Heavy.

The duration of the positive detection is also selectable:

      • No Hold,
      • Hold Time 5 Minutes,
      • Hold Time 10 Minutes,
      • Hold Time 15 Minutes.

The power consumption of the RG-9 is very low, and the device is well-suited to solar-power applications.

In the CW with Hydreon rain sensor, the data from this sensor is available in all the software suite of the CW, Windows, OSX, Linux, and also by the SOLO CW.

The RG-9 sensor does not indicate the amount of waterfall, just rain or dry – so the graphs will show only 2 levels (with an additional 3rd level in case of disconnection of the RG-9).


AAG CloudWatcher documentation:


Hydreon sensor version

Ready to work with the AAG CloudWatcher, Manufacturer standard version

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