PocketCloudWatcher rechargeable battery


Model not suitable for pocketCW2

PocketCloudWatcher rechargeable battery.

  • LIPO (Lithium and polymer) battery
  • Rechargeable battery 3.7V 450mAh (more than 24h of operation at above zero temperatures)
  • JST connector suitable for PocketCW
  • Cable lenght >10mm.
Care of LiPo batteries.

In extreme usage (drones, RC cars, etc) LiPo batteries can be damaged, and even become dangerous. In our products, however, they are very safe, as the power consumption is very low and the charge is performed very slowly.

For a long life and no problems, just:

  • avoid hitting the battery and the product. Heavy shocks can damage the battery
  • avoid fully discharging the battery
  • do not charge the battery in an external charger – just apply 12V d.c. power to the product and the battery will slowly charge

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